Using SppDb with AutoCAD

Although the full power of SppDb is available when used with Design Cad's gCADPlus CAD software, it can be used as a standalone application with other CAD software such as IntelliCAD, AutoCAD, MicroStation, DraftSight etc.

The idea behind SppDb is that you build a personal plant database of species you know and work with. Then, for a new job, you would search for a subset of species that do well in your new site, filter the set on other criteria and export the list. gCADPlus but not AutoCAD and other CAD software, allow the SppDb list to be attached to species symbols in your design. When complete, gCADPlus can automatically generate a plant schedule. To further speed drafting, it is possible to feed the schedule list back to SppDb and print a PDF showing details and photos of all species used in the design. Clients love this feature.

Be that as it may, you can use SppDb while drafting in AutoCAD and its brethren. Here is a design in DraftSight (an AutoCAD clone) with SppDb 'floating' above DraftSight.

Movie Here is a small movie showing SppDb in action with DraftSight.

SppDb and Draftsight