Purchasin​g SppDb

Visit the Shop page on this web site and follow the instructions there. An email  will be sent to you with a link to download the software. We recommend downloading the setup file - sppdbsetupXX.exe - to your desktop.

Installing SppDb

Click on the desktop icon to run the install program.

Your first look at SppDb




Backing up your data

SppDb saves its information in a folder called SppDb under the My Documents folder (under Users in most Windows computers). The database file itself has the extension .spp. The figure below shows that I have two data files in the folder, one called Urrbrae and the other called Sample. Yours will most likely have another name unless you have modified one of the samples.

Backing up

Note that there are also copies of all the images that are loaded in the database. 

In order to backup SppDb, copy the whole folder to a backup device. In the figure below, I have used the Your Computer tool to copy the entire folder to a USB memory stick.

backup 2

As a final check, make sure that the number of files on the USB drive matches that of the SppDb My Documents folder.

Now, if for any reason, (say to move to a new computer, you would download a new copy of SppDb, install it and copy the contents of the SppDb folder to the corresponding folder in the new computer My Documents folder.

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