Using SppDb with CAD software

This plant data file application is designed to be used with landscape CAD applications like GardenCAD and gCAD+. It can for example, be used to filter a plant list for (say) a particular climatic zone or flower color and then export that list as a .gcp file that's capable of being read by either GardenCAD or gCAD+.

Using SppDb & CAD Movie Here is a short movie illustrating the concept of using a personal plant database while CAD drafting.


Detailed use of SppDb

As mentioned, SppDb is designed to be used while CAD drafting. If you can search for and produce lists suited to particular jobs, load that list into your CAD software complete with plant tags productivity is improved. If you can locate appropriate images in your computer paste the image directly into a drawing confident that the image has been adjusted to a suitable size for printing in a CAD drawing efficiency improves even more.

Call SppDb from GardenCAD

We recommend calling SppDb from your software and work with it while a drawing file is open. Use it to search for species that suit particular locations and needs in a design then from the SppDb Edit Plant Data window, we copy the location of the image file and switch back to CAD software and paste the image into the design.

It is also possible to save a SppDb file in a format that gCADPlus can read (with the extension .gcp). That file can then be used to tag species in individual landscape plans. 

Here is an example of part of a design produced using landscape CAD software - gCADPlus. Images from the SppDb library have been used to illustrate design ideas.

Using SppDb while CAD drafting

The path field is particularly useful when CAD drafting. When you have specified a particular species in a plan, it is a simple matter to select Draw>Insert Raster and paste the link. The image then appears in the plan. This ability to paste a link to a suitable image saves a great deal of time spent searching for the location of a a particular image. Similarly, the comments information can be pasted into a MTEXT box in the CAD drawing.


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