Species Database - SppDb - a Personal Plant Data File Application

Plant knowledge is one of the most valuable skills a landscape designer has to sell. This software application, SppDb (aka Species Database), helps you encapsulate that knowledge and makes it easily available for use while designing.  The software database stores comprehensive and detailed information about the characteristics of individual plant species - those that you actually know and work with in your practice. It is not a replacement for massive online plant databases that keep information on a species that you have never worked withIn essence, the software enables the creation of a searchable, personal plant file that you use to filter your own information about familiar plants. It can work as a 'memory jogger' to find species that solve particular landscape design problems. The image below shows the database user interface with a small sample set of species.

Movie Movie Click the movie camera or YouTube icon to play a short movie illustrating how SppDb is used. 

Download a trial version of SppDB - it's quick and easy and we do not hassle you to purchase.


SppDb dramatically cuts CAD drafting time because information and images from it can be cut and pasted into CAD software such as gCADPlus, AutoCAD, DraftSight and MicroStation to build layout pages complete with images of species used in the design as shown in the figure below.

image in cad

SppDb and gCADPlus Here is a small movie that shows how SppDb works with gCADPlus (our companion landscape design application) to dramatically speed up production of sets of landscape plans complete with species data.

SppDb is also a great tool for building plant knowledge. Photographing and entering data about a species into SppDb helps you learn about new species, expanding and consolidating knowledge. 

In addition to storing information about species, the database can also be used to store images and details about 'hardspace' elements (such as construction details, furniture, artwork etc.). If you take SppDb with you to site meetings, images can be used to explain design concepts to prospective clients - a picture is worth a thousand words! SppDb also stores information and links to CAD designs, CAD symbols (blocks) and text notes to stamp in CAD drawings. 

SppDb runs happily under CrossOver or Parallels on Macs as well as on Windows PC's. 

Tip: SppDb is supplied with a small set of species data. You will create your own database and add information about favorite plants that do well in your area and refine it as you gain more experience. It is a good idea to start with our sample database and remove unwanted species and add new ones.